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Access management & hardware

Access management & hardware

Access control is often executed in combination with a gate link. A card reader is used for this with a card that is linked to a reservation or license plate recognition is used. Recranet has several partners

Secure gate link

We realize a very reliable and secure link where it is registered for which period a guest is allowed access for every card number and/or license plate. It is also possible to add an option where a later check out time is registered.

More license plates per reservation

Additional license plates can easily be added to an existing reservation, so that possible visitors also get access for a certain period of time.

Active monitoring

The gate link with our online reservation software uses a proven stable and secure integration, where a secure connection is established between the equipment on your location and the server of our online reservation software. This connection is monitored actively.

Meter reading

The automated processing of the use of electricity, gas, and water is one of the most used hardware links within our online reservation software on campgrounds and in vacation parks. Usage information is automatically read according to a set interval in our online reservation software and then the use is calculated by looking at the meter reading during check in and check out. In both cases the last known meter reading before check in time or check out time is used.

Additionally to the reading of the meters we can also turn the power usage and the number of amperes on and off in most cases.

Read more in our blog message about the hardware link that we have realized with ICY .

Surprise your guest with a personal approach when they call you. If you use VOIP telephony then we can make a link between your telephone exchange and our online reservation software. By recognizing the phone number of your guest(s), the associated client file with reservations and notes will be opened right away.

Take a look at how it works in this video for more information.

Check in column

Via our check in column your guest can check in, book additions, pay, print out passes or wristbands, AND this allows for guests to show up unannounced and make a booking at the spot. Read more about our check in column.

With our online reservation software several other links can be made to hardware such as:

  • Payment and pin systems.
  • Smart door locks.
  • Home automation.
  • Narrowcasting screens.
  • Register systems.

Take a look at our partner page for more information.