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Recranet Booking: THE online campground management software. Automate, save time, and increase your revenue. Our total solution makes you, your guest, and all your colleagues happy.

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Some features of our reservation software

Booking engine

Our reservation software has a lightning fast linked booking engine... Super user friendly for your visitor which results in more bookings and less phone calls.

  • Lightning fast loading times and super user friendly
  • Findability boost in search engines
  • (Down) payments directly linked
  • Extensive website integration possibilities

Appealing websites

Recranet develops unique and appealing websites in line with modern web standards. Appropriate for the identity of your campground.

  • Realtime connection to our reservation software
  • Optimized for Google and SEO
  • Easily edit texts and photos

Planning board

The occupation of your campground becomes insightful with the planning board of our reservation software. Smart and modern technique makes managing reservations a piece of cake.

  • Place drag & drop bookings
  • Smart selection and filter features
  • Realtime link to site, channels and payments

Channel manager

With the channel manager of our reservation software you can manage your occupancy, rates, and restrictions of your camp ground in a single location. We link directly with channels such as Booking, Traumferien, Belvilla, and more.

  • Adjust rates in bulk
  • Secure, reliable and fast
  • iCal import and export

Seasonal and annual pitches

Make deposits, interim payments and final payments. Need to have contracts and conditions signed? That can be done super easy via the guest environment.

  • Sign online contracts quickly and easily
  • Advance payments and annual accounts directly linked
  • Pay and administer easily

Book on the map

The guests can now choose a suitable location on the campground in the period that they desire via the map. Linked in real time with our reservation software.

  • Book directly on the map
  • Preferred location rate
  • Realtime website link

Online marketing

We have linked e-commerce tracking to our booking engine. This provides insight into the effectiveness of your site and marketing. Optimum return is closer than you think!

  • Achieve maximum marketing budget performance.
  • See what every euro invested yields.
  • Insight into the behavior of website visitors and target groups.
More features of our reservation software

Happy campground clients 😀


The costs for the use of our reservation software depend on the type and the number of accommodations that you manage with our software.

Small or large, everybody who rents out can work with Recranet Booking: from B&B's and small scale renters to large vacation parks and concerns with hundreds of locations. If you rent out one or two small accommodations, then Recranet Booking is probably not suited for you. A basis license costs € 150.00 per month. If you would like to find out the costs for your organization, then request the rates or immediately plan a presentation.

Yes, our reservation software for campgrounds can be integrated seamless into the website of your campground. We adjust the colors and fonts of our online reservation software so that this transitions seamlessly into the corporate identity of your campground website. Your website builder can easily install our online reservation software into the website of your campground. Our online reservation software can even be added to an open source campground website (such as WordPress or Joomla) in just a few steps.

Of course we would love to build the site for your campground ourselves. With our total solution we ensure that the user friendliness of your site is optimal and that you will achieve more online result for your campground.

The use of a channel manager (also known as tour operator) can be extremely interesting when renting out campground accommodations during periods when there are usually less bookings or to gain more exposure for your company. Websites such as, Expedia and Airbnb have an extensive reach and increase the chance that the accommodation will be rented our during these periods.

By linking our online reservation software to these channels, double bookings are a thing of the past. The occupancy of your campground accommodations is synchronized everywhere.

The channel manager of our online reservation software

With the channel manager of our online reservation software the occupancy is linked smartly between these several channels. When a reservation is made via our online reservation software, for instance via the site of your campground, then the occupancy is automatically adjusted in and Airbnb. When a reservation is made in for instance or Airbnb, then this period will be automatically blocked in our online reservation software.

Saving time because of channel management

The link ensures that overbookings are not possible when using the channel manager of our online reservation software. You save yourself a lot of time by linking the occupancy completely automatically; manually processing of the occupancy with several channels can often take up a lot of time.

iCal channel linkage reservation software

Our online reservation software offers an iCal link with channel managers. It is possible to export an iCal feed per accommodation / object of your campground. It is also possible to import an iCal feed into our online reservation software. With an iCal link the occupation of your campground between your reservation software and channels remains synchronized.

Our online reservation software is an extremely professional and versatile reservation software for campgrounds. The high user-friendliness of our booking engine provides a logical flow in the booking process for the guest and an increase in bookings for your campground. The administrative part of our online reservation software is clear, structured, and inventive. You or your colleagues who work with our online reservation software will be unburdened. Our reservation software enables you to have more time for your campground and your guests.

Our easily understandable online vacation reservation software makes it possible for everybody to work with our online reservation software. Recranet is THE online reservation software for campgrounds.

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