Allow your guest control over his reservation

Guests can adjust their reservation via the guest environment of our reservation software if you have set up this possibility; consider booking options, adjustment of license plates, adjustment of fellow guests and seeing overviews of their present and previous reservations.

It also is simple to make payments and deposits, to sign contracts and to request a route. You can use the guest environment to show several documents and conditions. This way the guests always have all important information about your organization and their reservation in a single location.

Notifications in our reservation software

If a guest makes an adjustment, the reception staff are informed of this so they cab check it out.

Reservation software guest environment

Additional bookings and immediate payment

When the guest adjusts the reservation and e.g. books additional options, then these can be paid for right away online.

Reservation software guest environment payment

Signing contracts

Do you use contracts for your yearly guests, owners, or other renters? With Recranet Booking it is simple to have your contracts (and conditions) signed online, no more bother via snail mail. Read more about signing contracts on our knowledge bank.