Send emails to your guests completely automatically

You and your colleagues will be unburdened by the automatic email functionality that our reservation software offers. How handy is it that an email is sent automatically to the guests a few days before they arrive with information and tips about their stay? Or an email with the possibility to book extra products?

After the guests leave, an automatic email can be generated to thank them for their stay and with the request to give feedback. You can easily adjust and add email templates, in every language and per each rental object.

Links to email marketing tools

Our reservation software allows for the sending of specific mailings to lists of clients who have booked during a certain period, or clients who have booked a specific accommodation. The linkage between our reservation software and email marketing tools such as Mailchimp does not only make it possible to send the automated mails, but you can also link lists to periodic newsletters that you generate yourself.

Smart personalized emails

Our reservation software does not sent impersonal bulk emails. Communication takes place in the correct language, with the correct information, personalized for your guest. For every accommodation type that is offered, specific automated information can be sent.