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Recranet's reservation software

Some advantages of our reservation software:

  • The reservation software works completely online.
  • As a user you can log in anytime, anywhere, via a secure environment, on your computer, tablet or telephone.
  • The reservation software of Recranet for your guest has been developed in a way that this is clearly readable on all usual devices.
  • Free new updates of our online booking software.

All-in-one solution with website

Are you looking for a new good website that ensures more bookings and revenue? We offer a unique all-in-one solution with a website, online reservation software and online marketing.

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Who can benefit from our reservation software?

The online booking software of Recranet is suitable for several touristic organizations with the goal to generate more bookings because of our user friendly online reservation software. With Recranet you have found the right place for:

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Channel manager for reservation software

The use of a channel manager (also referred to as a tour operator) can be extremely interesting for the rental of accommodations during periods where normally less reservations are made via your website or to get more exposure for your company. Websites such as, Expedia, and Airbnb have a wide reach and increase the chances that the accommodation will be rented out during these periods.

By linking our online reservation software to these channels are double bookings a thing of the past. The occupation of your accommodation is synchronized everywhere.

The channel manager of our online reservation software

With the channel manager of our online reservation software the occupation is linked smartly between these several channels. Let's say that a reservation is made via our online reservation software, for instance via your website, then the occupation is automatically adjusted in and Airbnb. Say that a reservation is made on or Airbnb, then this period will be automatically blocked in our online reservation software.

Saving time with channel management

Thanks to the link it is not possible that overbookings occur, using the channel manager of our reservation software. You save a lot of time because of the completely automatic linking of your occupancy; manually processing the occupancy in several channels can often take up a lot of time.

iCal channel linking reservation software

Our online reservation software offers an iCal link with channel managers. It is possible to export an iCal feed per accommodation. Additionally it is possible to import an iCal feed into our online reservation software. With an iCal link the occupancy between your online reservation software and channels remains synchronized. The iCal feed can be linked to a.o.:

  • iCal link Airbnb
  • iCal link
  • iCal link Micazu
  • iCal link
  • iCal link Pitchup
  • iCal link Tui
  • iCal link Wimdu

A selection of tour operators that our reservation software links to

  • Channel manager Airbnb (XML of iCal).
  • Channel manager
  • Channel manager
  • Channel manager Expedia
  • Channel manager Fewo-Direkt iCal
  • Channel manager HomeAway / VBRO XML and iCal
  • Channel manager
  • Channel manager Traumferienwohnungen
  • Channel manager Tripadvisor Holiday Rentals
  • Channel manager Trivago
  • Channel manager Heerlijke huisjes
  • And many more!

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