Good reviews is your best advertising

After your guest has checked out you have the option to (automatically or manually) send an email with the request for the guest to review his/her stay. Guests can leave reviews based on the aspects desired, such as location, service, environment, or facilities.

Showing reviews on your website

The score for the accommodation is calculated, based on all reviews and the separate scores per part. Good reviews on your site emanate confidence and contribute to an increase in direct bookings. You decide for yourself via Recranet Booking which reviews you wish to post on your site. Of course, you can also place reviews from your guests yourself that they have left you via other channels.

Reservation software search and book reviews
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More visitors via Google

Recranet Booking works with smartly constructed data, this means that the reviews are shown by Google in the search results. With good reviews this ensures a considerably higher CTR (click trough ratio) an more bookings.

Manage reviews

Via our reservation software you can easily approve or disapprove reviews, modify them, or add or delete them.