Holiday homes & apartment rental software

Recranet Booking: THE online reservation software for rental of holiday homes, villas, bungalows, cabins and apartments. Automate, save time, increase revenue. Our total solution makes you, your guests, and all your colleagues happy.

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Some functions of our reservation software

Planning board

The occupation of your holiday homes, villas, bungalows, cabins or apartments become insightful with the planning board of our reservation software. Smart and modern technique make managing reservations a piece of cake.

  • Place drag & drop bookings
  • Smart selection and filter functions
  • Realtime link to site, channels and payments

Appealing websites

Recranet develops unique and appealing websites according to modern web standards. Appropriate for the identity of your holiday homes, villas, bungalows, cabins or apartments.

  • Realtime connection to our reservation software
  • Optimized for Google and SEO
  • Easily edit texts and photos

Accommodation owners

Do you rent out for owners? With our reservation software you can allow accommodation owners access to the owners dashboard, where they can review all information about their accommodation(s).

  • View occupancy, arrivals, income and settlements.
  • Adjustable specific access rights per owner.
  • Owners can easily make blocks or bookings.

Channel manager

With the channel manager of our reservation software you manage the occupancy, rates, and restrictions of your vacation holiday homes, villas, bungalows, cabins or apartments in a single location. We link directly to channels such as Booking, Traum-Ferienwohnungen, Belvilla, and more.

  • Adjust rates in bulk
  • Secure, reliable and fast
  • iCal import and export

Booking engine

Our reservation software has a link lightning fast booking engine... Super user friendly for your visitor which results in more bookings and less calls.

  • Lightning fast loading times and super user friendly
  • Findability boost in search engines
  • (Down) payments directly linked
  • Extensive website integration possibilities

Book on the map

Simply have the guests choose an available holiday home or apartment during the time they want via a map. Handy for owners with houses on more locations.

  • Book directly on the map
  • Handy when you rent out at multiple locations
  • Easily cluster locations

Online marketing

We have linked e-commerce tracking to our booking engine. This provides insight into the effectiveness of your site and marketing. Optimum return is closer than you think!

  • Achieve maximum marketing budget performance.
  • See what every euro invested yields.
  • Insight into the behavior of website visitors and target groups.
More features of our reservation software

Happy vacation home & apartment clients 😀


The costs for the use of our reservation software depend on the type and the number of accommodations that you manage with our software.

Small or large, everybody who rents out can work with Recranet Booking: from B&B's and small scale renters to large vacation parks and concerns with hundreds of locations. If you rent out one or two small accommodations, then Recranet Booking is probably not suited for you. A basis license costs € 150.00 per month. If you would like to find out the costs for your organization, then request the rates or immediately plan a presentation.

You manage, rent out or mediate in the rental of vacation homes and you are looking for an online reservation software for vacation homes which allows you to generate more bookings AND you want it to be an online reservation software that unburdens you administratively? The reservation software Recranet Booking is exactly the right online software software for you.

Our online reservation software is extremely suitable for vacation homes, rental units and other objects related to vacation rental. Our reservation software unburdens you from administrative hassles and realizes more online bookings for your vacation homes because of the inventive, user friendly booking interface.

How does that work? More online bookings for my vacation homes?

The most important thing about online reservation software is that your (potential) guest gets an excellent impression of your vacation homes and will be 'seduced' into making a reservation. It is also crucial that the booking interface of the online reservation software is extremely user friendly so that your guest can go through the booking process smoothly. This ensures that fewer guests drop out during the online reservation process.

It is important that your reservation software for vacation homes functions on all types of devices (mobile to desktop pc) that are being used. The reservation software must be touchscreen friendly and be suitable for both thin and thick fingers!

Reservation software in the corporate identity of your website

The colors of our online reservation software for vacation homes can be adjusted to those of your corporate identity. We have developed plugins for both Joomla and WordPress which allows for easy integration of our reservation software for vacation homes. For tailor-made solutions we have written a short manual which makes it easy for your web builder to integrate Recranet Online Booking.

Do you prefer for us to integrate your reservation software into your site? No problem, we gladly integrate our reservation software for vacation homes into your website.

All-in-one solution with website

Are you looking for a new, good website that provides more bookings and higher revenue? We offer a unique all-in-one solution with website, online reservation software and online marketing.

Your vacation homes presented on their own page

With our reservation software your vacation homes will get their own information page. This way your guest can clearly compare vacation homes based on the characteristics of the vacation homes. The URLs are built clearly and logically so that they can be indexed excellently by search engines such as Google.

A quote without mistakes and a flexible rate structure

Based on the entered values of your guest, the rental rate of the vacation home is automatically calculated and will be shown through our reservation software. After your guest has entered the information a clear reservation confirmation is generated (via PDF) and sent in an email.

It is possible to adjust the prices per period. Extra options, discounts, and arrangements can be easily added by you and managed via the administrative part of our bookkeeping software.

Are you ready for success?

View a demo, plan a presentation or contact us.

Celine van Liere