My environment for homeowners

Rental organizations often deal with several owners for whom they rent out homes. In the 'my environment' for homeowners, the owner of the home can:

  • Review invoices.
  • Check out occupation.
  • Make reservations or enter blockings.
  • Review commissions.
  • Ask questions, make remarks.

As administrator you can decide yourself which owner is allowed access or not. Our reservation software also offers the possibility to send automated email reports to the owners of the vacation homes with general information, revenue, commission, etc.

Reservation software holiday owners dashboard

As owner/renter our reservation software for vacation homes offers you among other things.:

  • Making reservations for family and friends.
  • Creating blocks for private use.
  • Calculating commission based on the reservation source (owner,, etc.) with a specific percentage per source.
  • Options and surcharges are optionally not included in the rent.
  • Overview with settlement dashboard, only show settlements in which rent or costs are included.
  • Overview with reservations on settlement, only show reservations where the rent is not equal to 0.
  • Overview with reservations showing commission for type of rental.
  • Overview with reservations showing date of arrival/departure of reservation.
  • Percentage and amount of VAT over all revenues and costs VAT rates for commission in summary.
  • Owners settlement specification per part show VAT total amount.
  • Exporting commission including VAT (costs and percentage) to Excel from overview settlements.
  • Exporting service costs including VAT (costs and percentage) to Excel from overview service costs.
  • Included options and surcharges in rate deducted from settlement.
  • Saving emails to owner in history.
  • VAT totals are mentioned in the specification.
  • or Airbnb commission is imported or reported for reservations, this commission is deducted from the rent for the owner.
Reservation software holiday owners occupancy rate
Reservation software holiday owners new reservation