Reservation software with CRM functionality

Within our online reservation software you can easily review a history of email messages for every reservation. This way you can always find agreements made with your colleagues. You can see who sent what to which guest. The software shows a date, employee, subject, reservation confirmation (PDF) and the contents of every sent email.

Personal approach of your guest

Via our online reservation software you can approach your guests in a personal way. All details and notes of your guests are included in the client file. You can immediately see the email history, bookings from the past and any details or remarks.

VOIP telephony link online reservation software

Our VOIP telephony link offer extensive CRM functionality within our online reservation software; when a guest calls, you can immediately open the appropriate client file (can also be done automatically) so that you can greet your client(s) by name and have their info at the ready, something that your guests will surely appreciate.

Automated reading confirmations

Your guest pays and does not react, but has he/see seen his/her email? With our online reservation software you can easily check what the status is of the email (sent, received, or read).