Ample possibilities for arrangements and discounts

Your guests can simply book arrangements online via the arrangement overview of our reservation software, directly on your own website.

For each arrangement the available locations can be shown, also if the guest wants to use the search and book module or the availability calendar, the arrangements will be calculated automatically in the reservation. If the guest wants to stay longer than the arrangement period, the additional days will be calculated automatically according to the regular rate.

Reservation software arrangements accommodation

Extended options and surcharges for arrangements

Options and surcharges can be shown with specific arrangements. Say, for instance, that a special rate of tourist tax applies to a specific arrangement, then this can be calculated solely for the arrangement period.

Discount rules for every discount promotion

It is possible to enter several discount promotions into our online reservation software. Within a single discount promotion, there are often one or more conditions that can be applied. In our online reservation software you can calculate discounts such as amount, percentage, number of nights, or number of persons. It is also possible to set as condition(s) a minimum number of nights and/or persons.

Last minute discounts

Discount promos are often valid for a limited time, a specific period. Additionally it can be shown during which period the reservation must be made to be eligible for the discount. This is often applied to last minute discounts.

Discount on basis rate

In case you do not want to calculate the discount on all rate components you can choose the option to only have the discount applied to the base rate.