Manage occupation, rates and restrictions in one single location

With the channel manager of our reservation software you manage occupation, rates and restrictions of your rental organization in one single location. We link directly and without interference with channels such as, Traum-Ferienwohnungen, Belvilla and more. Besides direct links we also offer indirect links via Qenner, Nextpax or Beds24.

Linked channels & tour operators

iCal import and export

With our reservation software you can make an iCal feed available per location, which simply links with a lot of channels and tour operators. It is also possible to link an iCal feed to locations in our reservation software. With an iCal link the occupancy between your reservation software and channels remains synchronized.


Using a channel manager (also referred to as a link with tour operators) can be interesting during periods where normally less reservations are made via the website or just to get more exposure for your company. Websites such as, Expedia, and Airbnb have a wide reach and increase the chance that the accommodation will be rented out during quiet periods.

The occupation of your accommodations is always synchronized with all linked channels, no more double bookings!.

With the channel manager of our online reservation software the occupancy between these several channels will be linked smartly. When a reservation is made via our online reservation software, for instance via your website, the occupancy in and Airbnb will be adjusted automatically. When a reservation is made on for instance or Airbnb, then the period will be blocked automatically in our online reservation software.

Reservations will be imported completely into our reservation software, including the added options, compulsory surcharges, and rates. This allows you to make it possible for your guest to pay upon arrival, without credit card reservation (Authorization hold) in advance. You will be informed automatically when a new reservation has been made via a channel. Changes and cancellations are also processed automatically. Our channel manager alerts you when a reservation in the background is changed or cancelled.

Recranet's channel manager works fast: occupation, rates, and reservations will be synchronized to all linked channels in less than a minute.

Saving time by using channel management

The immediate synchronization of the occupancy ensures that overbookings are not possible when using our online reservation channel. You save a lot of time because of the complete automated linkage of the occupancy; processing the occupancy manually with several channels can often take up a lot of time and is prone to errors.

Via our channel manager you can easily block periods, update arrival and departure days, and set 'minimal number of nights' restrictions. Our channel manager automatically ensures that the 'maximum number of nights' restrictions are set, based on the occupancy. This way the online reservation software prevents overlapping reservations. When the planning in the online reservation software changes, this information is transferred to all linked channels in no time.

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