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Touristic organizations more successful with the use of automation!

Sharon de Putter
Sharon de Putter

Touristic organizations more successful with the use of automation!

The success of your vacation rental company, vacation park or campground is partly dependent on the efficiency of the business operations. How ideally would it be if you never had to worry about managing things like the power supply to your accommodations or if your guests are welcomed warmly in the vacation home?

At Recranet we are constantly working on new, innovative, and interesting functionalities that contribute to the success of your organization and that save you (or your employees) time and money. Lately we have been working on researching to link the energy meters and thermostats of ICY with our online reservation software. In the meantime, we have made great strides in linking the systems of ICY to our online reservation software.

Save time & money and make your guests happy

What exactly does that mean - a linkage with energy meters? An automated link between the hardware of ICY and our online reservation software saves you or your front desk staff a lot of time and makes it easier for your guests. That is because it is possible to automatically turn the electricity on and off when guests arrive and depart. This ensures that no electricity is used on your vacation park or campground on locations where nobody is staying at that time. And the beauty of it is… you don't have to do anything! Everything is managed by our online reservation software. Ware even working on a functionality where your guest can indicated by app when they expect to arrive so that the accommodation can be heated and the electricity is turned on.

Request the meter readings immediately

Meter readings can be requested immediately for all reservations from our reservation software. No separate software package is required. Because all meter readings are in our reservation software it is also possible to calculate and charge energy costs reliably and correctly to your guests. It is even possible for guests to indicate in advance and during their stay how many amps they wish to use and based on that other costs can then be charged making you flexible with your revenue model. This is the type of functionality that makes Recranet unique.

Your guest indicates the time of arrival

By the way, did you know that the functionality where your guest indicates when they arrive can later also be used within our roster software for cleaning? Suppose that a guest expects to arrive a few hours earlier (before the normal check in time), the the cleaning crew receives an app that this accommodation must be cleaned sooner. As soon as they are done, a message is sent to the front desk in the software in real time letting them know the accommodation is ready to receive the guest! Talk about convenience...

Hardware links

Would you like to know more about links with the gate, telephony, ATMs, columns and more? Then take a look at the page access management and hardware links online reservation software.

Are you a hardware supplier and would you like to link to Recranet? Contact email hidden; JavaScript is required.