Turn your hobby into your job!

Great that you're taking a look at the vacancies of Recranet! Recranet is THE online specialist for the touristic and recreative sector. We build on our websites. In combination with appealing and user friendly websites and strategic online marketing campaigns we provide growth, automatization and success for our clients. This total solution makes us a unique player on the market.

We are growing (inter)nationally and are looking for people who will join our team!

Join the club!

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Why Recranet?

Well, with us you will find excellent working conditions and benefits…!

  • You will be provided with everything so you can get to work, including your own starters kit with for instance a MacBook (or PC), external monitor(s) and, if it is relevant for your position, a mobile phone.
  • A good salary, a pension plan and on top of that, excellent benefits.
  • A personal budget for training, trips or knowledge enrichment.
  • There is a cozy, informal, and good atmosphere.
  • with us. We offer a free daily elaborate lunch and there is always fresh fruit available.
  • On Friday afternoon we often drink a glass of beer (or wine) and we reflect on the week.
  • We offer you flexible hours with lots of freedom. You are responsible for your hours yourself and you may divide those however you want.
  • On a regular base we have super fun staff outings, you decide where you want to go!
  • We have delicious coffee made from fresh coffee beans. Or just a cup of soup ;-).
  • But here's why you really should work with us: you just create very nice work that can make you proud every day!

A fair day's pay for a fair day's work

We work hard to achieve results for our client and our company and you are rewarded for that. In our opinion, people who work hard, are ambitious, and have talent, deserve the best!

Things you do not do at Recranet...

What you will definitely not find with us is working with outdated junk and old legacy code. We are extremely progressive and use the latest techniques both at the backend and the frontend.