Simply manage your bookings

Drag & Drop planning board

The planning becomes insightful by using the inventive planning board of our online reservation software. This creates an overview of the reservations per accommodation or place. You can simply transfer the reservations to a different location or type of accommodation.

You can navigate directly from the planning board to the complete reservation if you need to make any adjustments or to check the booking.

Reservation software planning board management

A payment status is immediately visible

In our online reservation software the reservations are supplied with a status (open, waiting for payment, fully paid, partially paid) and a color so that you have a good overview of the status of the payments. You can indicate payments manually if you use the online payment options then payments are automatically linked so there is no need to check the bank account continuously.

Reservation software planning board management payments

Simply adjust existing reservations

Existing reservations are easily adjustable in our reservation software. The time period, the party, the options, and the surcharges are examples of what can be adjusted. You can also manually add discount and/or surcharge rules. The outstanding price adjusts automatically. You can invoice the guest directly with a payment request and have it paid in cash or electronically.

Reservation software planning board management reservation

Receiving payments

Keeping track of payments received and due is one of the most labor intensive tasks of reservation management. With our online reservation software this will be a thing of the past; payments via Recranet Booking and your site are processed directly and there is no more need to check/import your bank transactions.

Payment requests can also be sent easily AND you can easily refund money (such as deposits) to your guests via our reservation software.

Reservation software planning board management reservation payment

Checking guests in and out

As the manager you can easily check guests in and out, for instance for the reports of the tourist tax and the night register. Our online reservation software can automatically check guests in and out (if you so desire) if you do not undertake any action; this way you only have to register deviating arrivals and departures.

Easy export for the tourist tax declaration

The report for the tourist tax can be easily exported form our online reservation software to Excel and PDF and contains the necessary information for the declaration. This saves you a lot of time since you don't have to manually register the stay of your guests.