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An optimal integration into your website

Technique and design merge seamlessly

Our online reservation software can be seamlessly integrated into your website. Technique and design merge seamlessly into your site. Your visitor will not notice any difference with the rest of your website because of the optimal adjustment of colors and fonts.

The booking pages are indexed by Google

Contrary to many other online booking software, we have developed the pages of our online reservation software in such a way that Google recognizes these pages as being actual pages of your website with the correct construction and navigation structure for the search engines.

Easily installing into WordPress, Joomla, and such.

Do you have an open source website such as WordPress or Joomla? Then Recranet can be added to your website in just a few steps. For tailor made solutions we offer a document with instructions for developers.

Do we build your website? Then we offer the integration of our reservation software free of charge. It is great for both of us to have everything under a single roof!

Show arrangements

Arrangements from the online reservation software on your website can be shown so that guests can easily book these arrangements. For each arrangement the available accommodations are shown.

A beautiful example can be seen on the arrangement page of campground Het Beloofde Land.

Show accommodations per category

Accommodations can be shown per category. You can show the relevant accommodations to your guest on the relevant pages of your website. This makes your website and the booking process much more user friendly, prevents bookers from dropping out and ensures less phone calls. That is because after a suitable accommodation has been found, there is no need to navigate to the page 'reservation' to look for that accommodation again.

Check out the page 'chalets' on the website of campground Het Beloofde Land.

Availability calendar on accommodation page

It is possible to place the availability calendar directly on the page of the accommodation. Guests can view the availability immediately and make a reservation from this page. That makes the whole process of booking user friendly and convenient.