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Update Reservation software 11 June 2019

We have implemented the following updates.

  • The planning board shows today's date and is optimized for more reservations on the same resolution.
  • The reservation overview shows the place of residence of the guest.
  • Search for license plate in the overview of reservations and guests.
  • Check in and out from the overview reservations. It is possible to see the presence per age group for the reservation.
  • The reports for arrivals and departures have been expanded with a filter option and surcharges. It is possible to filter on reservations with status checked in or checked out.
  • The reports about available locations has been added for insight in available locations during a period.
  • Group reservations have been expanded with functionalities for splitting, cancelling and moving of reservations.
  • The overview payment differences, one time arrangements and ledger account are available in the bookkeeping.
  • In the expanded booking engine module guests can search accommodations on Google Maps.
  • In the expanded booking engine module guests can see reviews of guests who have stayed in the accommodations before.
  • Automated tasks can be generated on arrival and departures and specific accommodations, options and surcharges.
  • Employees can see tasks in their task environment.
  • Owners can see their reservations, occupancy level and blockings in the owner environment.
  • Support has been added for the payment method 'EPS' (Austria).
  • Apple Pay has been added as a payment method for users of iPhone, iPad and Mac.

License plate recognition and access management

In cooperation with CAT control systems, ST&D and Rumeco several expansions have been developed for linked access management with license plate recognition.

  • CAT cards can be generated automatically if license recognition has been activated. CAT cards can be edited if a license plate must be added or changed.
  • CAT cards can be printed from Recranet with a balance, the remaining balance can be debited.
  • CAT transactions are visible for an overview of traffic entering and exiting.
  • ST&D license plates are generated automatically upon arrival/departure.
  • Rumeco license plates are requested in real time in Recranet with additional guest information.

Direct channel manager link with

Recranet has expanded the direct integration during the past month with Following is an overview of the possibilities of the direct link.

  • More than one rate can be linked to a type of room. This could for instance be a rate that is linked to a minimum stay of 3 nights.
  • The restriction of a minimum number of nights can be entered per night.
  • The restriction no arrival/departure can be entered per night.
  • The rates and the restrictions can be changed in bulk.
  • The rate of the room will be copied on the reservation as onetime arrangement.
  • The tourist tax, bed linens, breakfast and cleaning will be copied to the reservation as surcharges if it has been set up.