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Graduation internship software engineer (HBO-ICT)

Middelburg Recranet Lange Noordstraat 16 4331CD Middelburg Zeeland Nederland

Graduation internship software engineer (HBO-ICT)

Problem definition

Recranet's mission is to automate tourism organisations and to make them online successful. Tourism organisations will not only save a lot of time while using our reservation software; in combination with our web development and online marketing expertise we will increase their online visibility, guest reach and reservations.

Within Recranet Booking we have developed tools that visualize the performance of the organization in dashboards. We want to expand these tools to get an even better overview of the performance of organizations. Plus, we want to expand Recranet Booking with tools that give insights in what organizations can expect (prognosis).

We want to offer our clients the possibility to respond better to the current situation and future trends, A possibility to realize this is to offer extensive dashboards with prognosis of e.g. revenue, the amount of reservations, occupancy rate, geography based trends, age, sex, and so on. We also could offer tools and insights that gives organizations the possibility to increase their occupancy and/or revenue in quieter periods. Gained insights and data could potentially be exported to external marketing tools with which our online marketeers can use even better targeted marketing and generate better reports for clients.


Firstly, the assignment includes the mapping of client demands (organizations) to get a good picture of what they need to perform even better. You will research existing theories and/or models. Then a proof-of-concept dashboard based on the gained insights can be developed, that can give organizations better insights in their performance and opportunities for the future.

Within the assignment there is space for contribution of your own ideas. We expect you to work at least 1 day a week on development work within our company, so we can prepare you for a potential employment.

We work with modern tools and best practices

  • Composer: dependency manager for PHP.
  • DBeaver: cross-platform database client.
  • NPM: dependency manager for JS.
  • Gulp: automation of build tasks.
  • Git: version control.
  • Vagrant (Homestead): development environment.
  • Sentry: error reporting.

The Recranet Booking application extensively uses the JavaScript Framework AngularJS, and and more and more the newer Typescript framework Angular. We apply an API first strategy where the JS client side application exchanges data with the Symfony PHP back-end via a REST API. This makes the application well-organized and well maintainable. The application is being deployed on the server using Git. On the production environment Sentry is actively used for error reporting.

Why would you graduate as software engineer with us?

  • You work with young people with a shared passion for technology, gadgets, media and online.
  • Cool company outings and activities that we organize regularly.
  • Formaility is not our thing and you will not find hierarchy here.
  • You will become development king, you will learn directly from the masters.
  • An own workspace with all the facilities you need.
  • Healthy and unhealthy snacks ;-)
  • A good performance increases the possibility for a permanent employment and room for personal growth and development.
  • A yearly budget to keep your knowledge up-to-date, after all, stagnation means decline.

Are you interested in a technically challenging graduation internship? Contact email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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