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Boost your career as: Talent Student Developer

Middelburg Recranet Lange Noordstraat 16 4331CD Middelburg Zeeland Nederland

Boost je carrière als: Talent Student Developer

Getting experience in the work field during your study and getting ready for a great career? Recranet offers you this possibility!

As Talent Student Developer at Recranet you will develop web applications or websites directly for our clients, you will work on our online reservation software (built in Symfony and Angular) or you will work on one of our own internet concepts.

What will you work with?

It can be anything. It is dependent mostly of the skills you already possess, and the skills you want to learn. We work with e.g.:

  • PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Symfony and Laravel.
  • The CMS systems: Craft CMS, Joomla en WordPress.
  • Tools like: Atom, Visual Studio Code, Git, GitBook, Asana, DBeaver, Composer, Gulp and NPM

Why work for us?

  • We offer you an excellent salary.
  • Of course you get to join us in our great company outings and activities we organize regularly.
  • Formality is not our thing and you will not find hierarchy at our company. We are friends at the workplace.
  • No hassle with multiple temporary contracts, when you perform well we offer you a permanent contract after your first year.
  • You will become a development king, you will learn directly from the masters.
  • Your own workplace with all the facilities you'll need.
  • Flexibility: working from home, at the office, or at the library: we don't care, if you just perform and do your job well!
  • Good performance is rewarded, on top of your salary.
  • Healthy and unhealthy snacks ;-).
  • A beautiful workspace in the city center of Middelburg.
What we value most is that you enjoy your work and make beautiful things you're proud of!

Recranet is ‘small’. At a 'large' agency I can learn a lot more?

Not! With us the lines are short, you will get direct control of talented developers and you will work with the newest and most innovative technology; no old junk and legacy code. Because we are a small and young company we adapt to new technology quickly and implement this directly in our working method.

Your opinion is greatly appreciated, you're not one of many, but we see you as a full-fledged colleague. Plus, we are growing rapidly (inter)nationally, and that offers you career development opportunities within the company.

Do I only work for Recranet?

That's possible, but you can also work for one of our other business units! Recranet is part of the Zeelandic digital agency Elloro. With Elloro we also create really cool things and launch our own (online) concepts like Horecards, Vallop en Pokélovers.

What are you waiting for!?

Are you available for at least 8 hours a week and ready for the real work? Contact

Milko van Sighem - Director
0118 20 20 19 / 06 575 33 812.

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