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Completely automated access to your vacation park, campground or terrain

Milko van Sighem
Milko van Sighem

Completely automated access to your vacation park, campground or terrain.

A 'modern' guest who can drive directly to his accommodation on your park without having to stop at the front desk is surely a happy guest, but your front desk employees will save a lot of time and your organization saves money too.

At Recranet we are continuously thinking about how we can make touristic organizations such as campgrounds, vacation parks, hotels, and vacation rental organizations more successful online, how we can save them time and money and how we can increase the occupancy rate. If it concerns saving time and efficiency, we try to automate as many time consuming manual actions as possible.

Recranet Booking makes it possible to allow your guests automated entry to your vacation park when they are entitled to do so. Your vacation park remains automatically secured against guests who have no business being on your park, and those who do have entry don't need to report at the front desk. License plate recognition systems and entry management devices recognize a person or car that does have legitimate access to the park or certain facilities, with the help of our online reservation software.

License plate recognition systems

Recranet works closely with well-known parties in the area of access management. We have realized links to unburden the guest and your employees regarding the access management. This is how it works:

  • Your guest reports the license plate number(s) that he or she uses during their stay when making the reservation.
  • Our online reservation software remembers this information and links this to the reservation. Recranet Booking then makes sure that the license plate number(s) is/are known by the license plate recognition camera from the day of arrival from the reservation up to and including the day of departure. The guest can now enter and leave the park at will from the moment that his or her vacation starts!

More license plate numbers in the access management software

During his or her reservation process, a guest can book an additional car. Our online reservation software recognizes this and ensures that the guest has access with the license plate, one or more, that he or she booked during the reservation.

In case a guest has not booked an extra license plate, then our reservation software makes it possible to point out to the guest with an automated mailings that the license plate is missing.

Via the 'my environment' of our online reservation software the guest can then simply add or adjust license plates. Our online reservation software not only takes into account the maximum allowed number of license plates, but will also charge the extra costs to the guest when they wish to add additional cars and license plates.

Issuing debit cards for use on the park

Several of our hardware partners make it possible to issue debit cards which guests can use for access to all kinds of facilities on your park. This not only ensures that the access management systems are linked to the reservation, but for instance also to the balance on the cards. It is possible for the guest to add to the balance during the booking process or afterwards via the my environment and that balance will be added automatically when the debit card is made. This way the guest can use his or her debit card the minute he or she arrives at the park! With our task system you can automatically generate tasks for employees to let them know when a debit card must be made so it can be mailed to the guest on time, if so desired.

One thing we are thinking about right now is how to access vacation parks using a mobile phone, by linking with technology such as RFID, NFC, and QR codes. This would eliminate the need for cards.

Linking with our check in column for vacation parks

Once your guest has paid in full, they can enter your campground and vacation park automatically. But you may also have to deal with guest who stop by unannounced and with guests who have not fully paid. You can make things even easier for your guests by making them use our check in column. No long lines at the front desk during high season, but checking in and paying immediately and our online reservation software sends a signal to the access control system right away so the guest can enter the park.

Read more about the check in column with link to our online reservation software.

A list of possibilities of access management to your vacation park, campground or terrain

In order to summarize which functionality we have developed with the different parties, we have listed them here:

  • Automated access for your guest from the arrival day through the departure day;
  • Automated booking of an extra car;
  • Automated booking of a balance for a debit card;
  • Direct link to the check in column;
  • The possibility to manage access in our reservation software;
  • Insight into the license plates that are read in our reservation software;
  • Simply the possibility to grant access to extra license plates in our reservation software.

Which are the hardware suppliers/gates that we link to among others?

  • Rumeco;
  • Cat Control Systems;
  • Seijsener;
  • ST&D.

Want to link too?

Your supplier is not listed? Would you like to get advice about the optimal solution for your vacation park, campground or terrain? contact us and we gladly inventory the possibilities. Because of our extensive expertise in the area of hardware and software, we are in the position to excellently advise touristic organizations about linkage to hardware.

Does this sound like music to your ears too?

Would you like to get more information about the possibilities to unburden your organization with our online reservation software Recranet Booking or you deliver modern hardware and you would like to link to Recranet Booking, then contact email hidden; JavaScript is required or email hidden; JavaScript is required.