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Recranet Booking: THE online reservation system for your hotel. Automate, save time and increase your revenue. Our total solution makes you, your guests, and your colleagues happy.

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Some functions of our reservation system

Search & book

Our reservation system has a linked lightning fast search and book... Super user friendly for your visitor which results in more bookings and less calls for you to deal with.

  • Lightning fast loading times and super user friendly.
  • Discoverability boost in search engines.
  • (Down) payments directly linked.
  • Extensive website integration possibilities

Planning board

The occupation of your hotel becomes insightful with the planning board of our reservation system. Smart and modern technique makes managing reservations a piece of cake.

  • Place drag & drop bookings.
  • Smart selection and filter options.
  • Realtime link to site, channels and payments.

Channel manager

With the channel manager of our reservation system you manage the occupancy, rates, and restrictions of your hotel, all from a single location. We link directly with channels such as Booking, Belvilla, and many more.

  • Adjust reservations in bulk.
  • Secure, reliable and fast.
  • iCal import and export.


Create tasks (automatically) for e.g. cleaning, technical service, or subcontractors. Realtime insight in active, current, and finished tasks. This way you will know immediately which hotel room is ready to receive your guest.

  • Works on tablet, smartphone and desktop computers.
  • See when an accommodation is being cleaned.
  • Prioritize tasks.

Realtime statistics

Our reservation system provides you insight into extensive statistics and revenue numbers of your hotel and rooms. Compare, predict, and optimize.

  • Revenue, occupancy rate, reservations and opportunities.
  • Various access levels for users.
  • Realtime link to temperature and weather conditions.
More features of our reservation system

Happy hotel clients 😀


The costs for the use of our reservation system depend on the type and the number of accommodations that you manage with our system.

Small or large, everybody who rents out can work with Recranet Booking: from B&B's and small scale renters to large vacation parks and concerns with hundreds of locations. If you rent out one or two small accommodations, then Recranet Booking is probably not suited for you. A basis license costs € 125.00 per month. If you would like to find out the costs for your organization, then request the rates or immediately plan a presentation.

That could very well be! The use of a channel manager (aka tour operator) can be extremely interesting for the rental of hotel rooms during periods when normally less reservations are made via the website, or just to get more exposure for you company. Websites such as, Expedia, and Airbnb have a wide reach and increase the chance that the accommodation will be rented out during these periods.

By linking our online reservation system to these channels, double bookings are a thing of the past. The occupation of your hotel rooms is synchronized everywhere.

The channel manager of our online reservation system

With the channel manager of our online reservation system the occupancy will be linked smartly between these several channels. When a reservation is made, via our online reservation system, for instance via your website, the occupation in and Airbnb will be adjusted automatically. When a reservation is made on for instance or Airbnb, then this period will be blocked automatically in our online reservation system.

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