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From student developer to fulltime web developer!

Milko van Sighem
Milko van Sighem

From student developer to a fulltime job!

May we introduce to you: Raymon joined our development team at Recranet last month. He graduated from the HZ University of Applied Sciences with a degree in HBO ICT. While in college, Raymond worked as a web developer at Elloro, the mother company of Recranet. He also was involved with the (continued) development of the functionalities of Recranet Booking, such as the email history, channel manager and improvements on the search-and-book module.

He performed his graduation research with a large ecommerce company in the province of Zeeland, concerning the application of self learning systems (better known as ‘machine learning’). After graduation, Raymon was jumping at the bit to be able to start working for us again and we were happy to welcome him back into our team!

During his study as ‘student developer’ Raymond already gained a lot of experience with us. He knows Recranet very well because of his experience and effort during his studies, so the choice for us to hire him was easy and fast. Curious about why Raymon chose to get to work for Recranet? Read his story!

Raymon's story

Even before I started with the study of HBO ICT at the HZ University of Applied Sciences, I was interested in developing websites. During my studies this interest grew into the development of tailor-made applications. At the time I had a side job that had little to do with my education so I was looking for a side job that had more connection with my studies. I decided to apply for a side job as web developer with Elloro.

During my work as web developer with Elloro I learned many new techniques that were not offered as study materials in college. A bonus was that I received immediate practice experience next to the best practices that are taught at school. During my period as student developer with Recranet I have worked on several important functionalities, including the mail historie module and channel manager for synchronization of availability with different touroperators. I worked with many new techniques that presented quite some challenges.

Because I wanted to continue with web development after my studies and I was looking for a challenge in new techniques and complex hardware links, I decided to start working as a web developer fulltime; Recranet is the perfect place for me. The close bond of the team, the high level of knowledge of my colleague developers, the responsibilities of each developer, the innovative reservation software Recranet Booking (with international potential) and the perspectives for the future - those were the decisive factors for me to continue with Recranet full of energy!

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