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Access management & hardware

Warm welcome with KC Smart Home

Update Reservation software 30 July 2021

Our reservation software can now be linked to the Smart Home system of Koole Controls. This completely automated link offers much convenience for the guest! Following is a list of possibilitues.

Warm welcome

Extend a warm welcome to guests! Via KC Smart Home it is possible to indicate the desired room temperature of a vacation home before the guest arrives. The software automatically ensures that the home has the desired temperature upon arrival. This ensures a warm welcome for the guest!

Access management

In the guest environment guests receive the access codes for the vacation home. This makes it easy for him/her to get into the accommodation without having to stop by at the front desk. For you, the organization, there is no need to send an access card or to have the guest wait unnecessarily.

It is also possible to allow guests immediate access to other areas on the vacation park. It would for instance be possible for the guest to open the laundry room or to get access through the main entrance of the apartment complex with the access codes.

Saving energy

Because energy is centrally controlled by KC Smart Home, you can save energy! When the house is empty, it will never be heated excessively and when a guest is staying there, extreme settings will be avoided.


With the automated link with KC Smart Home, you as an organization will save a lot of time! You do not have to meet your guest in person at the front desk, even though you can still do that if you want to, of course. The guest wil receive his or her access codes automatically, so no need for them to wait either.