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Several updates in the online reservation software

Update Reservation software 20 August 2019

Overnight guests and options/surcharges

From now on a set surcharge can be calculated per overnight guest (possibly per night). This makes it possible to charge the costs and the tourist tax for the stay of an overnight guest when the overnight guest is added.

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Channel manager and VOIP integration

As of now, the phone numbers that come from reservations via channel manager (such as and Airbnb) will be converted to a telephone number that is suitable for recognition with VOIP. The phone numbers that are entered by the guest and the front desk are already being converted.

Owners environment

The owners environment now offers the possibility to look at the invoices of the past few years or quarters.

Task environment

The task environment now shows a new, more compact task display per day. Navigating between dates is possible with the navigation bar on the bottom. It is possible to easily add a new task .

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