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Changes in the email messages and the interactive map

Update Reservation software 1 July 2019

The way in which emails are being sent is updated. Before, the email messages were sent immediately when sending the message from Recranet. In order to guarantee the stability of Recranet Booking we have decided to execute the messages in the background. The messages are now sent out automatically every minute.

The email history remains the same. As soon as an email has been sent it becomes visible in the email history, together with possible attachments.

We have also executes some updates:

  • The booking enginehas been updated so that the selected period is always automatically selected when more than one available period is active.
  • The interactive map is available with an overview of all locations before the accommodation is selected.
  • The dates of arrival and departure can be adjusted and will not change when further updates are made to the reservation.
  • Special characters are permitted in the license plate numbers. This is especially relevant for German guests. The minimum and maximum length of the license plate can now be set variably.