Smart suggestions and optimal planning with 'next booking' functionality! Update Reservation software 22 February 2023

Our reservation system has always taken into account the inclusion of reservations at the most appropriate place on the planning board, depending on the arrival and departure dates chosen by the guest. With the new subsequent booking functionality, the system ensures that the allocation of reservations on the planning board is now even smarter.

Recranet Booking will always first look for a spot on the planning board that will fill an existing space. If that is not possible, the system chooses a pitch that only connects to the front, then a pitch that only connects to the back, etc. When you work with a restriction of, for example, a minimum of 7 nights in high season, Recranet Booking ensures that there will be hardly any gaps in the planning. By playing with restrictions you can still fill any gaps.

This functionality works particularly well for campsites/parks that rent out many similar accommodations/places, because your full focus is on efficient and tight planning without it mattering to the guest where/in which house they end up. When you work with booking preferred locations, it becomes more difficult, because you are limited here by the choice that the guest has made when booking online. In consultation with the guest, you can always decide to change places if the planning board gives a smarter suggestion.

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A nice bonus is that the system provides suggestions for optimal planning on the planning board. When there is a reservation on the planning board that, according to the system, would be better suited to another location, the system proactively gives a suggestion that you can also apply immediately if you wish by clicking on the 'apply' button. The reservation will then immediately move to the recommended spot on the planning board. In short: a smart planning board with hardly any holes, we love that!