Now connect your door locks yourself with the KC SmartHome interface in Recranet Booking! Update Reservation software 7 February 2023

Do you already use or do you want to use the smart door locks from KC SmartHome? Recranet Booking offers a user-friendly and advanced link with KC SmartHome, where you can now retrieve locks from the KC SmartHome environment at the touch of a button and 'initialize' them in your Recranet Booking account. We used to take care of this for our customers, but how easy is it to be able to manage the link completely yourself?!

A few years ago we developed the link with KC SmartHome, where you can use automated access management and heat control. Because the energy is centrally controlled by the KC SmartHome app, you save on energy costs. When empty, there is never too much heating and extreme settings are avoided during the guest's stay.

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