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Access management & hardware

Hotek is now also linked with QR!

Update Reservation software 2 July 2021

The access control of Hotek can now be (optionally) operated with QR codes. Recranet Booking now also offers the link with Hotek's QR system. this makes it possible to provide the guest with a QR code the day before arrival, so the guest can access the hotel room, a vacation home/apartment or the bed & breakfast that he/she booked.

The system can also be set up in a way that guests can automatically gain entrance to other areas. Such as entering the swimming pool with a QR code or opening the gate to the garage.

The QR code is sent to the guest per email. he/she can the print out the code and take it with him/her. Of course there is also a more durable solution. The QR code is also available in our mobile friendly guest environment. When using that, the guest can simply operate access with his/her phone!