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Access management & hardware

Expansion door lock coupling Hotek & Guestkey

Update Reservation software 17 January 2022

To work with an automatic door lock link, you can use the QR link between Hotek and our reservation system. It is now possible to determine yourself how large the QR code should be displayed in the e-mail and in the guest area. You can set the number of pixels yourself. In addition, you can easily view a report of the generated codes in the reservation system, where you can make a selection by period, for example.

Open the door via guest environment

For the connection with Guestkey, the guest can enter his/her accommodation by opening the door in the Recranet guest environment via the Guestkey web app. No code needs to be generated for this, you open the guest environment on your mobile phone and you can simply open or close a slider via the Guestkey web app.

Optionally, a condition can be set for both links, which ensures that reservations must be paid in full before access is granted.

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