Added options & supplements now optionally visible in the owner environment Update Reservation software 2 March 2023

You can now optionally choose to make additional booked options and supplements visible in the owner environment. We increasingly hear that homeowners are responsible for, for example, final cleaning or preparing bed linen etc. Precisely for this reason, it is ideal if the owner can check in his/her environment which options have been added. As a rental agency/manager, you no longer need to provide extra communication about this, just activate the module for the homeowners, so they can view the booked options per reservation!

Via Settings on the dashboard in Recranet Booking, you can set which modules can be activated per owner under Owner environment > Owners. In addition to showing additional booked options and surcharges, you can also allow owners themselves to create blocks and/or reservations, show turnover and occupancy rates, provide access to reservations and guest details (when the owner should receive the guest), etc.

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