Are you looking for an alternative for Maxxton or Newyse?

Are you looking for an alternative for the reservation software of Newyse from Maxxton? We would like to introduce you to our innovative reservation software Recranet Booking. Allow yourself to be surprised by more efficiency and ease of use, less hassle and more stable reservation software. And all of this completely workable from the cloud!

Why switch from Maxxton or Newyse?

Recranet Booking is the result of frustration while using existing conventional reservation software. For over ten years we have been building conversion oriented websites for vacation parks, campgrounds, hotels and such, with the object to realize more bookings, less questions from the guests and a better operating result. The bottleneck was the integration of existing reservation software, which continuously caused problems. Consider booking avenues that did not function well, bad synchronization of rates, malfunctions in the software and the like.

We saw opportunities and decided to get to work internally with the development of hypermodern online reservation software in the cloud, with the points of improvement of the existing reservation systems processed into it. With this strategic step we now facilitate all online services under a single roof and we ensure that a process works many times more efficiently and that it delivers an increase in bookings and a higher customer satisfaction.

Numerous organizations switched to Recranet Booking

Recranet Booking is built on a hyper modern infrastructure, completely in the cloud. This offers many advantages including:

  • All-in-one: The most progressive and user friendly reservation software.
  • Hardware links with gates, energy management, VOIP, PIN devices, door locks, reservation pillars, and more.
  • Channel manager: links with channels and tour operators
  • API links: links with bookkeeping software, paying online and pay desks.
  • Website and marketing: Appealing custom made websites.
  • Support: an excellent service, always free and also during the weekend.

Find out more about our online reservation software. Switching from Maxxton or Newyse to Recranet Booking? Contact us now.

Everything under a single roof: The most versatile reservation software

With our all-in-one solution we have made numerous rental organizations successful online, varying from vacation parks, to campgrounds, to B&Bs, and hotels. Searching for an alternative for Maxxton or Newyse? Welcome to Recranet!

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Milko van Sighem