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Why we work with support via email in our reservation software

Milko van Sighem
Milko van Sighem

Satisfactory and fast answers to the questions of our clients

Being on hold for what seems like forever, being transferred from person to person, having to wait to be called back because there is no immediate answer: those are the well-known irritations when contacting a customer service or support department by phone. Irritations for both you and the client, and the company concerned. How much more enjoyable is it for all parties involved when a question can be dealt with quickly and accurately. This is one of the reasons why we at Recranet work with email support when it concerns our online reservation software. Following we explain why support via email is many times more efficient, effective and cheaper than support via telephone.

As a client from Recranet Booking, we are always available for you to answer your questions. We are known for our super fast and efficient support. We think it is very important that our clients feel that we care about them, that we react quickly when things are not clear and that we can inventory your requests that improve our reservation software and can develop those when relevant. Because Recranet grows fast and our customer base is growing with it, we also experience an increase in the number of support requests, of course. It is a question that has been on our minds for some time now: What is the most efficient way to deal with support questions, for the clients and for ourselves? The answer to this is: email.

A quick and clear response to your question

Even though many clients already ask their questions via email, we still receive support questions by phone on a regular basis. Because email doesn't have a great reputation, some clients are inclined to revert to the phone quickly. It is, however, not always true that you get a response more quickly by calling. Sure, you will talk to a live person eventually, but can this person address your concern right away? Often help is required from a colleague who often is in the middle of something for another client. He or she must stop doing what they're doing for the other client (who then has to wait longer too) and often comes to the conclusion that the information concerned could have easily been found online on the knowledge bank or only required a quick response via email. Understandably, this is not an efficient work method for any party involved. Every client, regardless of size, is super important for us, so we don't want to create the impression that we don't want to make time for them, but working via email is often just more effective for you as a client too. An extra bonus is that, contrary to the telephone, email is a channel that can be used easier between appointments, making it possible to react more quickly than by phone.

Email allows for overview

Asking your question via email has a lot of advantages. First off, you can write down what your question is, supported by screenshots, reservation numbers and other relevant information, to clarify and summarize your question. That makes it easier for us to answer your question quickly and we, in turn, can use links and screenshots to give you a clear response. So, this work method is not just handy for our colleagues on support, but also for you as a client. Simply because this allows you to read through question and response at any time and you can forward it too. Possible you will get a similar question at a later time and all you have to do then is look up that email and you have a ready-made response! For us it means pure efficiency and concentration, the right person at Recranet can structurally deal with the support question and will not be interrupted continuously. On top of that, all questions and responses are documented in an email, so agreements that have been made can be found easily.

Win-win situation

Of course we find personal contact with our clients very pleasant and important. We create a win-win situation by having a well-stocked knowledge bank online and a support mailbox that is managed accurately. Our clients receive a quick response which allows us more room to program and advise more efficiently and more effectively. Of course, we will remain reachable by phone for urgent questions, however, we would like to request you as a client to think with us and to bundle support questions as much as possible and to send them to us via email. When you have more questions, please list them in an email so that we can respond to your questions in a bundle.

Your input helps us to provide an even better product

Your questions allow us more insight in the wishes and needs of touristic entrepreneurs. It allows us to learn more every day and that we can continue to perfect our reservation software and our service. We strive to deal with your question within one working day and often it is faster than that. There could be questions that cannot be answered within one working day. If, for whatever reason, we cannot get back to you within one working day, then we will let you know, so that you know that we have received your question and we are working on it.

The starting point remains: the input of our clients helps us to deliver an even better product and of course that makes us very happy!

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