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Corona update: occupancy reports per day per accommodation type in Recranet Booking

Kenneth den Hollander
Kenneth den Hollander
Front end Developer

With easily differentiated types of locations with or without private facilities.

Corona update: a relaxation of the restrictions appears on the horizon. In some regions restricted rentals are possible, but starting July 1 the tourist sector may be opened completely for rentals. That is good news, we expect a lot of vacations in our own country, so that would mean a run on online reservations. At the moment the guideline for Zeeland is 15% rental for accommodations with private facilities. In other regions and also outside the Netherlands there are other guidelines, but the fact remains: renting out is allowed again, limited for the time being.

In order to be able to continue to think with our clients, now and in the future, we do our utmost to provide the reservation software with the correct functionality. From now on, it is possible to view the occupancy rate per day with the click of a singel button. Depending on the type of rental, you can now easily differentiate the location types with or without private facilities. Something that stays important, also in the future. With the use of a filter you can then enter of which accommodations/locations you want to view the occupancy rate. You no longer need to use a calculator when you receive a new reservation because Recranet Booking shows you a clear graph and table in which you can immediately see the occupancy per day. For our clients in Zeeland this means that they can easily monitor the infamous 15%, for our clients in the rest of the Netherland and abroad, they can now monitor what the occupancy is per day and how many locations with private facilities are still available. A guideline that will become more important worldwide.

We hope that this new feature will make life a little easier during the Corona crisis. Your feedback is very much appreciate so we would really like to hear from you.

Team Recranet wishes you strength, good luck and health!

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