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An immediate image of the client chart when a guest calls the front desk

Ruben de Putter
Ruben de Putter
Traffic Manager

It is almost impossible to talk to a guest more personally!

Always an immediate image of which guest is calling, his/her next booking, the language and possible notes; it's hard to respond to a guest more personal than that! That is just one of the many beautiful functions of Recranet Booking. All you need is a VOIP connection; we take care of the rest.

So, how does a link between Recranet Booking and the telephone exchange actually work?

VOIP telephony and our online reservation software 'Recranet Booking' both work via the internet, in the cloud. This enables us to create a link via an API between our reservation software and the VOIP exchange.

The receptionists in your internet browser immediately receive an announcement when a call comes in about who is calling by means of a subtle pop-up. By clicking on the pop-up the client chart is opened immediately with all the historic and future reservations of the client.

A super handy item is the notes about the guests which allows for a very personal interactie. Your guest will guaranteed be very surprised and will appreciate this personal approach.

Our reservation software is set up in a way that telephone numbers are entered in the same way in the data base so that recognition is guaranteed.

The VOIP link is just a single example of the conveniences that our software offers. Recranet Booking currently is the most innovative reservation software around, and it will remain that way. Our team of technical engineers continuously develops progressive functionality which allowed us to develop a tremendous head start compared to the conventional reservation software.

Take a look at a short movie of our VOIP system in action on Facebook.

Switching to Recranet Booking

This may be a horror story from the past. Switching reservation software was an enormous job and it cost you a lot of time money and frustration... We guarantee you that this will not happen with Recranet! Read more about our switching service.

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