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Set mandatory minimum age for online reservations

Update Reservation software 22 March 2022

From now it's possible to set a mandatory minimum age for making an online booking. This means that when making a reservation, one has to add at least one person within this age category to the company for which the reservation is being made. As Recranet Booking user you can set the age categories/groups you want to apply and make one (or more) of these age groups mandatory or not. You can also create specific age groups for specific accommodations; maybe the mandatory age group is applicable for the rental of chalets or homes and not for camping sites.

Reservation software mandatory age group for online reservations
Dashboard Recranet Booking: creating a (mandatory) age group.

Would you like to know more about this functionality? Contact us via email hidden; JavaScript is required or check out our knowledge base for more information about the creation of (mandatory) age groups.