Link with our reservation software and the CAT access control systems
Update Reservation software 17 March 2022

The automized link with CAT and our online reservation software has recently been fully optimized and extended.

Automized access control

CAT works with various 'cards'; an umbrella term for the data our reservation software adds to the CAT system. Access is being determined in various ways:

  • Access through license plates is based om arrival and departure date or the dates provided.
  • Access through license plates is also dependent on the term 'points'. The amount of points specifies the number of cars that have access to the park.
  • Access to other doors is based on other data, which can be determined in our reservation software.

The term 'card' is an umbrella term, it doesn't necessarily mean a physical card.

Automized access based on license plate recognition and bar code cards

The type of card determines the purpose of the card: barcode, mifare, license plate etc. It also determines the type of access permissions a certain card gives. This way you can e.g. distribute different cards per target group. Think about yearly and seasonal guests on a campground/park that have other/more permissions with their cards than e.g. day visitors.

Ease of payment and credit based access

The CAT cards work on a points/credits/balance base. The amount of points determines e.g. the park access of the amount of cars per reservation. Credits generally consist of balance or points. A balance is being expressed in euro's, where €10,- equals a balance of 1000. You can also work on a point basis which can be topped up per card. These points can be used for use of washing machines, dryers etc.

  • Points: for access through license plates.
  • Credits is an umbrella term for e.g.
    > Balance: is being used for for making payments.
    > Points: is being used for showers and washing machines.

Credits (balance, points, point balance, etc. can be topped up or down.

Link between our reservation software and the CAT acces systems

With the above context in mind, you can read about the possibilities the link between CAT and our reservation software offers:

  • Automized barrier link based on license plate recognition. The amount of points determines how many cars have acces.
  • Automized door lock link for accommodations, but also for e.g. access to the sauna, fitness room, swimming pool etc.
  • The topping up or down of balance on different types of cards.
  • The topping up or down of credits for washing machines and showers.
  • The creation of different types of cards (bar code, mifare, license plates etc.)
  • Automatically update cards a.d. changed reservation data.
  • Automatically create cards for confirmed reservations:
    > The type of card can be determined based on accommodation and/or package, which makes it possible to apply a different type of card per reservation.
    > The amount of 'points' can be determined based on accommodation and/or package, plus extra booked access.
    > The amount of 'credits' can be determined based on booked in advance credits.
    > You have the option to only create cards when the reservation has been paid (in part).
  • You can manually create cards.
  • You can create cards in batch.
  • You can edit the formatting of bar codes per card type.
  • You can let guests book extra balance in advance.
  • You can let guests book extra access in advance.
  • You can block cards via the dashboard.
  • You can execute an anti-passback reset for a card via the dashboard.
  • You have insights in all entries and exits per reservation.

Would you like to know more about this link? Contact us via email hidden; JavaScript is required. For substantive explanation about the setting up and functioning of the link in Recranet Booking, read our knowledge base article: link between our reservation software and CAT control systems.

Link automized access control