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Integration Traum-Ferienwohnungen and more

Update Reservation software 3 October 2019

The integration with Traum-Ferienwohnungen has been added to the channel manager. we can now exchange reservations, rates, and availability. More information about the possibilities? contact us.

We have added several expansions to the reservation software. Following is a list of the updates.

  • Linked accommodations are now possible. For this, the rates will be copied from the linked accommodation. The rate description will then be the same as the title of the accommodation.
  • The owners' settlement has been adjusted, reservations and commission amounts will no longer be shown if only payment of other receipts has been activated.
  • The channel manager can now send the number of days before arrival that the reservation can be made at the latest. This can avoid same day reservations.
  • We have updated the back office for international users. The reports under the menu Reports are now available in English.