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Rental for owners

Adjustment in the owners settlement

Update Reservation software 18 June 2019

The owner settlement has been updated with the following requests.

  • Calculating commission based on reservation source with percentage.
  • Included options and surcharges are not included in the rental price.
  • Overview with settlement dashboard, only show settlements in which rent or costs are included.
  • Overview with reservations on settlement, only show reservations where the rent is not equal to 0.
  • Overview with reservations showing commission for type of rental..
  • Overview with reservations showing date of arrival/departure of reservation.
  • Percentage and amount of VAT over all revenues and costs VAT rates for commission in summary.
  • Owners settlement specification per part show VAT total amount.
  • Exporting commission including VAT (costs and percentage) to Excel from overview settlements.
  • Exporting service costs including VAT (costs and percentage) to Excel from overview service costs.
  • Included options and surcharges in rate deducted from settlement.
  • Saving emails with attachments to owner in history.
  • VAT totals are mentioned in the specification.
  • or Airbnb commission is imported or reported for reservations, this commission is deducted from the rent for the owner.