Accommodation content optionally manageable and editable in the owner environment Update Reservation software 7 August 2023

In our extended owner environment, you can decide for yourself through modules what access you set up for (home) owners. Earlier, we wrote an update on the latest additions to the owner environment.

From now on, you can optionally allow owners to manage and edit the content of their properties themselves from the owner environment. As a Recranet Booking user, you create the properties yourself on your dashboard, but all content fields can be filled in by the relevant owner via the owner environment. Think of the title, meta title, short description, long description, images, etc. If you rent for a large number of owners, it can be ideal if they can manage the settings of their accommodation themselves as much as possible. It is also convenient that the owner can make changes himself, when a description needs to be adjusted or when, for example, new photos of the accommodation are available. The owner only needs to adjust this for his own accommodation, while for you it would mean having to make adjustments for dozens or hundreds of accommodations. So it saves a lot of time!

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