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The advantages of online reservation software in the cloud

Sharon de Putter
Sharon de Putter

The advantages of online reservation software in the cloud

Here we go again... a technical malfunction in the reservation part of your website. It happens all the time... You don't only have a frustrated visitor, but you also miss out on bookings and revenue. And never mind the negative consequences for search engines. Do you still use conventional booking software that is installed on your computer? Maybe now is a good time to consider professional online reservation software in the cloud, that seamlessly integrates in websites... In this blog I will discuss the differences and explain the advantages of reservation software in the cloud (web application).

1. Log in from anywhere on any device

Conventional reservation software is installed on one or more computers at your front desk. More than one computer causes higher licensing costs and a set computer offers little flexibility. With a reservation software in the cloud you can log in with an unlimited number of front desk employees (without extra costs) from any device, wherever you are! All you need is an internet browser.

2. No loss of data with a new computer or tablet

If your computer breaks down or must be replaced, your reservation software must be installed again. Online reservation software continues to work in the cloud, no matter if your computer crashes or must be replaced. The settings of your organization are guaranteed safe in secure areas and you no longer need expensive backup systems. This is all taken care of for you, without extra costs.

3. No complicated reservation software installation

Online reservation software in the cloud works on every device because it does not need to be installed. All you have to do is log in with your internet browser

4. Fast and stable linkage between reservation software and site

I'm sure it sounds familiar: you have processed rates in your bookkeeping software but they are not processed on your site until one or two days later. Or, you receive a lot of phone calls from your guests who do not understand the reservation process on your website because of a user unfriendly booking street that costs you and your employees at the front desk a lot of time. We have heard even crazier things: after an update of the reservation software your rates or arrangements have gone up in smoke or your booking software stops working decently.

I am astounded that many organizations are still around who accept these kinds of problems and have worked like this for years. They have even accepted this and take these types of problems into account. But that really isn't necessary. Good online reservation software in the cloud relieves you from these types of problems, you save time and money and, the cherry on top - you generate more bookings. Take the rates, for instance. These are synchronized in real time and do not need to picked up from your locally functioning software. Your visitor can book fast and simply online via a clear booking environment that is linked directly to your online reservation software.

5. A separate online booking module is no longer required

This may have a familiar ring; you use booking software that is linked to a booking street of another organization and your website may be built by yet another organization. That often causes a slow website and miscommunication between booking software and website which causes mistakes. That costs time and money. You also pay license fees to every company and when a problem occurs, often it can not be traced where that problem comes from...

When your reservation is in the cloud, these problems are a thing of the past. Both the reservation software and the part where your guests makes a reservation online are in the cloud, so there are no problems. On top of that the integration possibilities of cloud based online reservation software in your website is much wider so that makes it possible for you to serve your visitor even better, you can be found easier in the search machines, so you generate more bookings and revenue.

6. Online reservation software in the cloud is much cheaper

Online reservation software in the cloud is managed centrally, which makes it many times cheaper to maintain than normal reservation software. When we release an update, the functionality becomes immediately active for all users of our software, without down time or loss of data. You don't notice anything and you don't have to do anything. This way you always have the newest version of the software at your disposal and you don't pay anything extra for this! Say goodbye to expensive consultants and software updates on location or via remote desktop.

7. Always up-to-date

Relevant information is stored safely in a database. Everybody at the front desk works with the most recent information. No more need to send Excel files with sensitive information.

8. Measuring is knowledge

The complete reservation software is maintained. This allows you the possibility to simply analyse the success pages and the quitting pages so you can see what goes right and where you have opportunities. In our online reservation software it is simple to measure statistics with the tools Google Adwords and Google Analytics.

The advantages of online reservation software summarized:

  • No complicated installation procedure when starting to use it in your company, but live within a day or two.
  • No use of writing space or programs on your computer.
  • Completely independent of possible malfunctions on your computers or company network.
  • Future proof and always the latest version: updates are applied simply and quickly, you don't even notice it.
  • Excellent links with other software such as bookkeeping packages by using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces),
  • Platform independent (Windows, Mac, etc.), the online reservation software works in your internet browser.
  • Online reservation software in the cloud is maintained centrally.
  • Online reservation software in the cloud is built modularly, so that new functionalities, or built-to-order functionalities can be added simply.
  • Cheaper, faster and more user friendly that normal reservation software.
  • Perfect integration into your website, especially when we create that for you.

Attention: is the reservation actually located in the cloud?

We often see this happen: conventional reservation software claims to be in the cloud but in reality they operate on an RDP or VNC connection (external desktop) through which you connect with another computer on which the reservation software operates... So you actually are mislead this way and of course, then you miss all the advantages that cloud software has to offer.

What makes the all-in-one reservation software of Recrenat so unique?

At Recranet you can find everything under a single roof; we do not only offer online reservation software in the cloud but we also develop custom made appealing sites and take care of online marketing. The ultimate combination for success. With our unique customer service we have not only created online success for may touristic organizations, we also saved them a lot of time.

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