Process and work method

Online result of your organization is primary, your end user (guest) always is the red thread throughout the project. In general, we first start with an analysis of your organization, target group, and goals and then we get to work on the 'functional design'.


Taking stock

In a personal conversation we take stock of the wishes, demands, and goals. Depending on the type of projects we go to work with an online strategy, customer journey, target group research and/or we immediately start with prototyping.


High fidelity prototype and functional design

Based on all inventoried information we offer you a specified proposal, detailing the elements and pages the website will contain. We design an interactive ‘high fidelity’ prototype; this is actually the construction design of the website, the designed pages will be provided with colors, shapes, fonts styles. and images.


Technical realization

In this phase the designs for the web and the interface are programmed to a working website. We develop according to the ‘mobile-first’ principle. Recranet uses programming languages such as HTML(5), CSS(3), Javascript and PHP for this.


Delivery and evaluation

Recranet thoroughly tests the website in the several browsers and on mobile devices. We evaluate and improve where necessary. Then we deliver the website and evaluate how it works.


Online marketing

Depending on the type of project, what follows is the marketing phase: gaining recognition for the product, brand, or company in the market via online and/or offline media channels.

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