SEO and content fields of accommodations now separated from technical settings Update Reservation software 15 March 2023

Whereas previously you could manage all settings for an accommodation from one interface, we have now deliberately chosen to separate the content fields from the technical settings.

By separating the technical settings from the content fields for online booking, it becomes clearer to the user where and how you can keep the content/texts of your accommodation SEO optimal and up to date. Think, for example, of the title and/or meta-title of your accommodations, but also the short and long description indexed in Google, facilities and amenities, images, etc. By clicking on 'edit content', you can easily and quickly edit your content and keep it alive.

You can also edit the technical settings if you wish, such as min/max number of people, min/max number of nights, general ledger and VAT, conditions, attachments, address details etc. These settings tend to be quite static and are less frequently updated in between. By now separating the content from the technical settings, in fact, dynamic data is separated from more static data, which provides overview in data management.

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