New duplicate function for fast and efficient setting of restrictions Update Reservation software 12 January 2023

Using the new duplicate function in our reservation system, you can now set restrictions for your accommodations very quickly and easily. Particularly for the rental of holiday homes, for example, it is ideal to duplicate the same restrictions in one go to all other homes that have the same restrictions. Holiday homes are often unique, so a separate accommodation is created for each home. For example, for camping pitches and safari tents, there are often several of the same type, so you set all restrictions for the same accommodation type in one go anyway. Here too, you can duplicate restrictions for camping pitches to safari tents, if the same restrictions apply to these accommodation types.

You can find the new duplicate function via Accommodation settings > Accommodations > Edit. On the first tab at the bottom you will see the option to duplicate accommodation data. As soon as you click on the 'duplicate accommodation' button, a pop-up screen opens in which you can set the desired actions.

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