Manage yourself from which IP addresses you can log in to your Recranet Booking account with the help of an IP whitelist Update Reservation software 16 December 2022

In our online reservation system it is now possible to add an IP whitelist to your company network. This allows you to determine and manage from which IP addresses people may log in to your Recranet Booking account. Via Settings > Account > Security, you can now (optionally) add IP addresses to your company network and thus have more control over log-ins in your Recranet Booking account.

Recranet Booking checks from which IP address an employee tries to log in, if that IP address does not match a known IP address of the office or reception, the system will reject the login attempt.

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An IP address is a 'unique' address with which your computer can communicate in a network and therefore also on the internet. There are two different types of IP addresses: IPv4 and IPv6. You can add both types to your company network in Recranet Booking. An IPv4 address is a bit older, but still used. An IPv6 address is newer and increasingly used, but not every internet service provider offers it. Your computer uses the IPv4 or IPv6 address (if available) as soon as you visit a website or application (such as Recranet Booking) on ​​the internet.