Now live: DYMO Labelprinter link for printing labels quick and easy Update Reservation software 3 March 2022

By using the link with the DYMO Label printer it's possible to print labels with information about guests and reservations. Super convenient when e.g. using personalized cards! The convenience of the label printer is that labels can be printed quick and easy form within the Recranet dashboard, so they can be sticked on paper or plastic cards. The cards are instantly ready for use!

From within the Recranet dashboard you can print the basic information of a guest or fellow guest with the push of a button. Basic information of a reservation can be printed on a label, so guests can stick it on their car or camping equipment for example. This way you can easily trace the car or camping equipment to a specific reservation or guest. This can com in handy on a campground without fixed site numbers.

For now the link works only with DYMO LabelWriters, other brands and/or types of label printers are not being supported at the moment. The label printer needs to be physically connected to a computer where one works with Recranet Booking.

Are you interested in this link? Read about the functioning and further explanation on our knowledge base: Linking Dymo Label printer to our reservation software.