Connection with Mollie Terminal: direct processing of pin payments in your reservation system! Update Reservation software 6 December 2023

In our reservation system, we have developed a new link with Mollie ATMs (POS). This new link ensures that PIN payments at the reception, can be accepted and processed directly on the reservation card in Recranet Booking.

Because online payments are often also already made through Mollie, it is easy to also link a payment terminal from the same Molle account. You can order the payment terminal from Mollie yourself. When you receive the payment terminal, Mollie has already made sure that the terminal is linked to your Mollie account. When the Mollie account is also linked to your Recranet Booking account, the payment terminals you ordered can be imported directly into your Recranet Booking account.

From the reservation card in your booking system, you can initiate a pin payment. The amount to be paid is sent via the link to the selected pinterminal, so that guests can withdraw at the counter and the payment is sent directly back to your reservation system: the payment status of the reservation is immediately updated to 'payment received' or 'payment partially received' if it is a deposit.

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Make payment on the reservation card
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Payment pop-up