Categorise your rentals on the planning board, in the search & book on your website or on third-party sites using nesting functionality Update Reservation software 23 August 2023

Using the new nesting functionality, you can categorise your rental offerings even further and more specifically. The accommodation category and location category are already used by default, so you can easily highlight rental types and also rental locations. This is user-friendly on all sides: for you on your planning board, for the guest online in the booking street and also for the SEO on your website. From now on, you can "nest" already existing categories, meaning that you can always name a parent category.

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For example, for the place category, you can create Domburg as a category, then you can create Zeeland as the parent place category and Holland as the parent category for Zeeland. If you translate this to your website, you can set up a SEO-optimised offer page for each place category with the rental offer within this place. The same structure can also be maintained on your planning board, allowing you to keep an overview and work efficiently.

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By categorising more deeply, you can highlight your rentals more specifically, which can also be useful if you want to make part of your rentals bookable on a third-party website. For example, you can make all accommodation from a specific category bookable on the site of a partner you work with. In short: this functionality offers numerous extra possibilities.

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