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Switching reservation systems

Are you in need of a good and modern reservation system in the cloud? Switch to our reservation system. No long lead times, but quickly and efficiently arranged online, including data from your old reservation system!

Utilize our switching service

Maybe you remember this from the old days. Switching reservation systems was an enormous job and it has cost you or your colleagues a lot of time, money, and frustration... That will not happen with Recranet Booking! We will have your organization operational and online in no time, including the transfer of the data from your old reservation system.

Extensive experience in importing data from reservation systems

We have extensive experience in importing data from other reservation systems. Together with you we will inventory which data must be transferred from your current reservation system to our online reservation system. We export this data and we process it so that it then can be imported quickly and efficiently into Recranet Booking, without loss of data!

We had the privilege of guiding many companies through the switch from other online reservation systems to our online reservation management system.

Our training is completely free for you

We think it is important that everyone within your organization will feel at home in our reservation system quickly. The clear and logical 'interface' will make it very easy for you and your colleagues to work with Recranet Booking.

Of course, every transition in reservation systems takes some getting used to, so we offer a free training for you and your colleagues. After you have made the switch to our reservation management system and we have imported your data, it is time for the training. During this training we will show you and your colleagues all ins and outs of Recranet zien.

Our service and support are always free of charge, just like our workshops. Together we will make an (online) success of your organization.

Are you ready for success?

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